“Barry”A typical portrait of the student Barak Obama at Columbia University

Barry reflects the life of a black man’s daily life living in a country full of racism, a country that has perpetrated slavery for many years. Barry was the only black student in a white student class feeling marginalized and hated, trying to find out who he really is and the world where he belongs.
The young student Barry falls in love with the Charlotte, a wealthy white girl from Connecticut, a relationship almost impossible, hanging out with the white girl in a racist word makes him look around, think and question his identity hence feel the need to change the word to finally find a place where to feel home.
“It’s good to remember that he was a guy named Barry who grew up in Hawaii,” Gandhi shared.
The Netflix “Barry” is an excellent biopic realized by Gandhi about Obama, it depicts not only his life as a student but his life as a whole, most Americans have known Obama as a president, however, o one can guess and imagine this ambiguous side of his life. Vikram Gandhi has put the spotlight on this inspiring story. “He was to the world a symbol of ‘this is our future.’ There is a little bit of everybody in this story,” Gandhi said.
Snapshot from “Netflix US & Canada Channel” Barry movie trailer
“Netflix US & Canada Channel” Barry movie trailer
The part I mostly loved from the movie streaming on Netflix,
“- My mum’s from Kansas and my dad’s from Kenya.
– You know that makes you?
– No, sir, I don’t know.
– That makes you an American”.
– Vikram Gandhi told NBC News. “When we think about Barack Obama’s story — it’s about what it means to be an American.”

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