United States embassy in the holy city Jerusalem; a step forward to peace in the region!

As we noticed during the US presidential campaign, the Republican Donald Trump declared several times that he’s against the war in the world and promised to make a change if he wins the elections. After winning the election with most votes over his opponent Hilary Clinton under the slogan “we will make America GREAT again” the president-elect Donald Trump continued to support his ideas and he promises to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as a step forward to settle peace and stop the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. Donald Trump appointed Mr. David Friedman the hardline Orthodox Jew and a former Democratic VP candidate, as the Israeli Ambassador to the United States.
David Friedman, the Israeli Ambassador to the United States
The Radical-right Ambassador, David Friedman is very excited to start his new position and work for peace in the Middle East and promises to bring a radical change in American policy in the region.

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