Carrie Fisher & Harrison Ford
This sudden and shocking news was like a storm to the Hollywood family and fans, they were just heartbroken, most of them reacted and expressed their grieve and sadness upon losing one of the most influential characters in the history of movies in all time. They were mourning not only a great actress but also an activist, advocate, and writer. She was known for her sense of humor and a remarkable personality that made her loved by many people, as Peter Mayhew wrote “There are no words for this loss. Carrie was the brightest light in every room she entered. I will miss her dearly”. 
In memory of Carrie Fisher, The major actor of the Star Wars Harrison Ford released a statement expressing his sorrow and pain, he also extended his heartfelt and sympathy to the family of the heroine.” She lived her life, bravely… My thoughts with her daughter and her mother, and her friends. We will all miss her”, he said to EI.
Mark Hamill who played the role of Luke Skywalker; Leia’s brother in the saga “Star Wars” revealed on tweeter that he’s downhearted hearing that Leia was gone forever. “No word,” he said, posting a photo of them together. The death of his beloved friend left him devastated and with nothing to say; no word could express his pain.

 Her mother Debbie Reynolds posted a message on face book to thank everyone who has paid a tribute to her beloved daughter and for their sincere thoughts and grieve “Thank you to everyone who has embraced the gifts and talents of my beloved and amazing daughter. I am grateful for your thoughts and prayers that are now guiding her to her next stop”. When she wrote this message she didn’t know that she will join her dear daughter very soon, yes Debbie Reynolds passed away just after she said good bye to Carrie Fisher, and it seems that she couldn’t support to live far from her daughter.

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