9 Tips you’ve never known for stainless shiny laundry!

1. The ‘care tag’ is more important than it appears

The clothing labels are not stuck into your dress for no reason, they’ve always something to tell you before you decide to clean up your clothes make sure to take a closer look to it, this is will help you treat your item in the right way.
According to Andrew Rhodes, owner of Platinum Dry Cleaners in Naples, Florida ‘Every manufacturer specifies the way the item should be clean, for example, if the label mentions using “dry cleaning” you must follow the care tag and do as it is recommended because it’s the only way to guarantee the best cleaning of your item, however ‘ it’s not the only way to have your clothes cleaned. Indeed, it happens that we use water to clean items that are supposed to be dry cleaned, but for someone who has a great experience in this field he can do it ‘ Rhodes reveals ‘that most of the garment’s tag is not necessarily right’.