Trump: Four options to cope with the threat of the missiles

The threat was carried to the fatherland of the United States – the challenges were raised beyond any level during its short presidency.

The rhetoric heated of Trump on the mode was everywhere.

A minute, he then says that it “would be honored” to meet the chief of the North Korea, a “conflict major and major” is possible within the framework of the fight against the nuclear ambitions of Kim.
Option one – China :
He a long time recommended a policy aiming at pushing China to use his influence with his neighbor.

The reaction of Beijing suggests that he does not consider any such removal.

It seems more worried by the regional than nuclear programs and anti-missile upheavals.
The United States seems to have lost confidence in the capacity of China to modify the situation. This last test shows that the North Korea is not threatened by the reactions of China.
China required of the United States to stop their military exercises with South Korea in return for a halt in the tests of missiles in North Korea.
Option two – Sanctions
The United Nations already imposed several rounds of sanctions on Pyongyang, but China is regarded as able to deliver the economic blow funniest.

It was shown not to use this action leverage for full purpose.

A few days ago, the United States imposed sanctions on a shown Chinese bank of money laundering North-Korean.
Option three – Military strike
Trump insisted on the fact that the military action is possible, but she is largely regarded as insupportable because of the massive loss of life which she could inflict if the North Korea reacts against South Korea.
The American secretary in Defense, James Mattis, declared that a conflict in North Korea “would be probably worst engagements in the life of the majority of people”.
There are already 28,000 American soldiers stationed in South Korea.
Option four – To learn how to live with a nuclear North Korea.