Aston Martin Valkyrie reveal V12 hypercar in full pictures

New pictures of the Aston Martin Valkyrie give us our best look yet at the road-going V12 hypercar.

1. Aston Martin Valkyrie: what is it?

The result of a collaboration between Aston Martin and Red Bull Advanced Technologies implying many very talented people. However, it will be for always known under the name of ‘Adrian Newey ‘ S road because’. It serious for whoever is not implied, plus a brand of the significance of the designer of F1 more successful of all times, by finally diverting its vast power of the brain to a car that people – very rich people, certainly – can buy indeed.
Aston Martin gave us the best seen what could be the most extreme hyper car of the world. The Valkyrie, designed and built in collaboration with Red Bull Racing, until now summer revealed in the specifications of the quasi-production, but now published images of what we will really see on the road the next year.
With a lighting ready with employment and a complete interior, the car in these images underwent rather heavy changes starting from the model previously revealed. Those include an entirely Re-shaped tail and a new more aggressive cutout body. Adrian Newey and his team of Red Bull carried out these aerodynamic developments, but it was the work of the designers of Aston Martin under the direction of Marek Reichman to interpret them in a coherent design.
The carbon fiber bathtub which is used as the backbone of the Valkyrie allowed Newey and its team to create two tunnels Venturi solid masses situated one or the other side of the car. Those return then to the new diffuser, which gives to the car its enormous downward load capacity without needing assembled wings or aero active mechanized credit heavy.