The Weeknd cheated on Selena Gomez ,Why does she stay silent ?

But what is the origin of this rumor related to The Weeknd and Selena Gomez? For several days, a very strange information crosses the Web. During his concert in Ireland last weekend, The Weeknd was unfaithful to Selena Gomez. The interpreter of “Starboy” would have brought back in her hotel room a porn star, Ava Van Rose. The young woman would have confirmed this information in one of her videos published on social networks. But then, did The Weeknd truly cheated on Selena Gomez? In any case, despite this crazy rumor, there is one that is very silent and it is Selena Gomez. Why does the pretty brunette say nothing?
We know, when Selena Gomez is not happy, she says. However, her temperament of fire has sometimes led her to make bad decisions. Remember, the singer had left a message assassin to Justin Bieber on Instagram, a few weeks before returning to the cure of desintox ‘. However, caution should be exercised in that no statement was issued on their possible separation. It is therefore impossible to know whether Abel Tesfaye went elsewhere. However, the last message of The Weeknd on his infidelity to Selena Gomez worries the fans of the couple Abelena. Is it already the end of their perfect idyll?