Do the extraterrestrials exist? You will not believe the response of these researchers

SPACE – “The truth is elsewhere”. Really, Mulder? If like the heroes of the X-Files, you believe in extraterrestrials, this American study will displease you. After analyzing nearly 100,000 galaxies, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have come to the conclusion that there are no strangers in this immensity. Finally … no aliens evolved enough to have colonized all their galaxy.

In a study published by the Astrophysical Journal, researchers from the “Center for the Study of Exoplanets and Habitable Worlds” unveiled their findings. They explain that they used the Nasa Space Telescope (Wyse), which specializes in the analysis of infrared waves.

Why these waves in particular? According to the researchers, a civilization sufficiently developed to be extended throughout a galaxy and need enormous energy to remember its needs.

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