IPhone 8 (iPhone edition): price and release date

Apple is preparing the release of the iPhone 8, iPhone Pro or iPhone Edition.

  • The release date would be at the end of 2017
  • It will integrate a 5.8-inch OLED display
  • Its price would be more than 1000 dollars
  • It will have a larger battery and will charge wirelessly

The release of the iPhone 8, or iPhone Edition, is becoming clearer. The next Apple smartphone is already talking a lot about it and the rumors about it are multiplying. More than ever, this generation should focus on all the projectors. This is the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. The opportunity for Apple to make changes to his phone more important than usual. The list of new features extends a little more each week. The release date would be in September 2017, in small quantity. Apple would have trouble producing the device.

The most radical transformation will be the design of the smartphone, which should adopt an OLED screen from edge to edge. Jonathan Ive, Apple’s chief designer, is approaching his dream of designing a phone as clean as a piece of glass. The front button would be removed, while the future of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor is still uncertain. It could be integrated on the screen, moved or removed from the device, to be replaced by face recognition.