Ten years of reality show: the Kardashians confide their most painful moments

As they prepare to celebrate their ten-years reality show, the Kardashian sisters reveal the backstage of their most painful moments.

On October 14, the Kardashian family will celebrate its 10-years reality show. Ten years, that this family has taken a place in the international audiovisual landscape. Ten years that these sisters have created an empire generating tens of millions of dollars every year. At the origin of this program, a man Ryan Seacrest and a mother Kris Jenner. While Kim Kardashian was already part of the American jet-set and had seen her notoriety climb by selling her sextape to a pornographic website, the TV producer saw in her a new starlet. A bimbo assumed straight out of the 2000s that was ready for anything to become famous and rich. Kris Jenner, who was just as careerist as her daughter, then began to manage her entire family. Everyone would have their share of the cake.