In China, a restaurant offers discounts to women based on their chest

This is unfortunately not a joke. A Chinese restaurant decided to attract its female customers by offering a certain discount according to their chest. In other words, his initiative has not gone unnoticed.


How to attract the wrath of social networks in a snap of fingers. In the eastern city of Hangzhou, a restaurant owner has chosen a strange and, above all, very disturbing way to make his female customers swell. As can be seen on the poster of his restaurant, relayed by the local media Qianjiang Evening Post and then by the BBC, it offers them reductions based on their physique. Indeed, the more women who go to his restaurant  have a big chest, the more they get reduction. A cup A may have 5% discount while a G cup can expect 65%. All this operation is represented by female characters of a video game, very slightly clothed. 7 girls for 7 cup sizes. And to go even further in good taste, one can also see the slogan of this campaign: “The whole city looks for breasts”.