Texas: first evacuations before the arrival of the most dangerous hurricane since Katrina

Evacuations began in several Texas cities threatened with devastating floods by Hurricane Harvey, which continues to strengthen this Friday and could become a “major dangerous hurricane” by touching earth early on Saturday.

Currently with winds up to 160 km / h, Harvey could become the most powerful hurricane in the next few hours to hit the American continent in twelve years, according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami.

“A major, potentially fatal hurricane”

In the night from Thursday to Friday, the NHC raised the Harvey rankings to one level, now considered a Category 2 hurricane on a scale of five. The NHC still expects a rapid reinforcement of the disturbance, anticipating that it will become a “major hurricane” – at least category 3 with winds above 209 km / h – and “potentially lethal” at its entry point On the American continent, Texas on Saturday around 1 pm local time (06 h GMT). A hurricane alert was emitted over nearly 500 kilometers of Texas coastlinen.

“For all those who have not yet evacuated, please hurry to do it,” has already warned the mayor of Portland, a coastal town of 17,000 people in Texas. The town hall stressed that starting from Friday morning any departure would be very difficult and more dangerous because of the violent winds.

Same evacuations and frenzied preparations in Port Aransas, while the mayor of Corpus Christi, with about 300,000 inhabitants, encouraged his residents to leave the city but has not yet made evacuations mandatory.

 The memory of Katrina

The risk of sudden flooding is high in some areas where up to 76 centimeters of rainfall is expected. The rise of sea water should reach between 1.80 meters and 3.7 meters depending on the location. In a tweet, President Donald Trump gave links to specialized government websites that make practical recommendations on preparations or precautions to take in the event of an emergency evacuation.

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