10 things you do not know about your body

The human body reserves so many surprises. Reminiscences of our ancestors, action of the muscles on the brain, many bodily phenomena are fascinating. And we have all our little secrets that only our loved ones know (this pineapple spot on the left calf, the tuft of white hair above the right ear …). 

Discover 10 things you may not know about your body! 

1. Goose bumps protect from the cold 

The goose bumps are a reflex to protect themselves from the cold: at the root of the hairs are tiny smooth muscles (M. arrector pili) capable of raising our hair in the manner of those of an animal in dangerous situation. If you observe a cat, for example, you will see an identical mechanism… unlike the thickness and color of the fleece! A negative temperature variation will cause an increase in muscle tone of the body, causing a thrill that will produce heat and bristle hair: this is the phenomenon of goose bumps.