Louis Padron, a 25 yearS old Argentinian, spent 43,000 dollars on cosmetic surgery to look like an elf.

Louis Padron is passionate about elves, so much so that he has decided to become one. This 25 years old Argentinian boy from Buenos Aires has spent 43,000 dollars to transform himself into one of these imaginary creatures.

To do this, he started by bleaching his hair and skin, then turned to cosmetic surgery. Liposuction of the cheeks, rhinoplasty, laser to remove all his hair, botox and other injections …. the young man has not skimped on means. His latest operation? Modify the implantation of her his hair to give it a pointed shape on the forehead, like those “elves and vampires” he told the Daily Mail.

“All my surgeries are related to the fantastic universe and I always had a great brow, it bothered me a lot. One of the most important things for elves is to have long hair. That’s why I wanted to change my hairline and have more, “Luis Paron told the British newspaper. Despite all these operations, the young man does not intend to stop there. He has already planned many other surgeries: to have his canines and ears pricked, to refine his jaw and to modify his nose again.