7 Tips to Stop Looking Tired

How to restore a radiant glow to a tired face? 

Work, children, shopping, going out … In short, you do not have time to rest and take care of you, and fatigue is beginning to take over. Also, lack of sleep begins to appear and mark your complexion, the contours of your eyes and the texture of your skin. Once in front of the mirror, you do not like at all what you see. If you want to regain your good looks and display 10 years less, here are 10 practical tips that will help you clear out any signs of tiredness giving you a terrific look. 

1. Adopt the right gestures 

With very simple gestures, you can instantly remove the expressions of tiredness on your face. It is true that there is nothing more embarrassing than waking in the morning with a heavy suitcase under your eyes, but fortunately, you are not damned in advance. By applying your rounded spoon directly to the fridge before your eyes, your gaze is boosted by the cold. On the other hand, if you are not used to giving you nice little slaps on your face, do this to wake up your skin, and you will see that the dark circles will disappear, and you will look calm.