Draymond Green Laughed in Kevin Durant’s `I laughed in his face’


He tweeted criticism of his old coach, Billy Donovan, and said the rosters he played with in Oklahoma City weren’t good enough to win a championship.

That was bad enough it’s a terrible look to talk trash about your old team, especially on Twitter—but Durant has compounded the issue by making statements that betray a self-consciousness atypical of a reigning Finals MVP.

OAKLAND  It didn’t take Draymond Green long to set his own level of edge for the Warriors’ new season on Friday, noting that he laughed in teammate Kevin Durant’s face regarding his Twitter fiasco of the past week.

“I reached out to him and I talked to him through text the day of,” Green said with a wide grin during Media Day. “Then the next day I saw him in person and I laughed in his face. I got a good laugh out of it. It’s pretty funny to me.”

Green said it was the only proper response after Durant gave him such grief for a social media gaffe during USA Basketball workouts prior to the Olympics. Green was similarly shamed for posting an x-rated photo of himself on Snapchat.