10 Most Expensive Celeb Transformations

we’re going to tell you something super shocking! Celebrities get plastic surgery to look young and perfect. Okay hopefully, you picked up on my sarcasm there as celebs age they have to keep opening their wallets to go back under the knife and it eventually racks up both in the face and in that bank account, first time here take a moment to subscribe to our Facebook page and follow us on twitter, turn on your notifications and why not give this article a comment below.


The late Pete burns spent well over thirty-eight thousand dollars on his multiple transformations, he had lip injections, nose jobs as well as reconstructive surgery. When his lips got infected burns took pride on changing his appearance and was more than happy to keep transforming himself, however he ended up spending most of his life savings on repairing the damage from botched surgeries and even sued one of his plastic surgeons, BURNS also had to deal with blood clots and other surgery related health problems he passed away in October 2016 from sudden cardiac arrest.


ROSE is best remembered for her time on “Charmed” as well as guest appearances on once upon a time, but if you’ve seen her on “Charmed” then you know that she looks different than on once upon a time. Oh yeah! She had some work done and while the price tag isn’t known we can speculate that it could be anywhere from five thousand to ten thousand dollars while she’s had some botched work done as well she seems to have gotten it fixed going cheap on a plastic surgeon is never a good idea.