5 Disney Movies That Look Nothing Like You’d Expect Before Special Effects

As we get older we become more aware that some of our favorite movies aren’t as realistic as we once thought, those mythical creatures we always dreamed of seeing sadly they don’t exist but with the rise of special effects, our favorite characters and scenes are coming to life all over again more realistically than ever. However, although they might look incredible at the movies the scenes before special effects have been added tell a different story altogether. We put together 10 of our favorite Disney movies to show you just how magic special effects can be these movies can make mundane everyday life seem completely different for a few hours, our article won’t be that long but we promise to keep you interested before we start, follow us on facebook and twitter to make sure you’ve got a constant source of entertainment.


It’s been called one of the most visually stunning movies but you’d be surprised to see just how different the Jungle Book looks before the special effects were added, most of the film was shot in a warehouse in Los Angeles and instead of jumping around amongst huge trees and rivers Neel Sethi who played Mowgli was surrounded by just a handful of plants we knew his acting skills were pretty good but not only did Neel have to pretend to be swinging from real trees. He also had to watch a fake buffalo stampede and talk to puppets that’s right none of the animals that were featured in the movie were actually real. Of course, the fact that animals can’t actually speak might have caused the slight issue when it came to recreating it but it takes some impressive acting skills to talk to stuffed animals, throughout the movie there are at least a few special effects used in the release that you might not have considered for a start that Buffalo Stampede we just mentioned it was nothing more than a patch of mud on the floor before the experts took over while Neel was swinging from fake trees, the actors who voiced the animals got to watch their characters on screen while speaking making the job a whole lot easier than it looked in the movies.