9 Surprising Rituals You NEVER Knew Athletes Do During Competition

If you are overly superstitious or play in an organized sport then you likely have some form of ritual or routine you follow both before and during the game, maybe it’s a pregame dinner that’s always the same perhaps you must hop on one foot five times before going out onto the field whatever it is we know athletes are pretty superstitious and we have several professional athletes with some of the strangest rituals.


She’s won dozens of titles and is considered one of the best tennis players ever. Of course, we’re talking about Serena Williams now you’d think that someone who has won seven Wimbledon titles would rely solely on their skill to get things done not Serena, this 36-year-old star is incredibly superstitious and it shows for instance she’ll bounce the ball five times before her first serve and twice before her second, she ties her shoes a certain way before getting on the court and she’ll use the same pair of socks throughout an entire tournament.


While he’s now retired John Henderson enjoyed a 10-year career with the NFL with the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Oakland Raiders at 6 foot 7 inches in 330 pounds this defensive tackle was not someone to mess with unless you were the team trainer that’s because Johnson needed the trainer to perform a strange ritual right before every kick off before getting psyched up the two-time Pro Bowler finished off his pregame ritual by getting the trainer to slap him really hard across the face. Hey! Whatever floats your boat.