Donald Trump threatens channels that broadcast “false news” to withdraw their license

Donald trump UNITED STATES After the broadcast of information described as “totally false” on NBC, the president criticized “an incredibly dishonest press” …

Donald Trump against the US media: 9,000th episode. The president of the United States on Wednesday disputed the information that would have been discussed at a meeting this summer, a ten-fold increase in the US nuclear arsenal, taking with extreme virulence to the media.

According to the US-based NBC, Donald Trump would have put forward this possibility at a meeting in July on the state of American forces in the world, attended by the head of the diplomacy Rex Tillerson. It was shortly after this meeting “sometimes tense” that Rex Tillerson, according to testimonies gathered by NBC, treated the American president of “weak”.

“Totally false” information

“NBC News has invented a story,” ┬áretorted Donald Trump in a tweet Wednesday morning. “Complete fiction aimed for harming. NBC = CNN! “He added, before questioning openly about the possibility of removing their licenses from certain media.