Do you know what’s the world’s safest place?

   Humans live all over this marvelous piece of rock we call Earth from the freezing cold Arctic to the humid and hot jungles along the equator humans have set up homes pretty much everywhere of course not all locations across our globe are created equal. For instance, if you live in the city you’ll likely love the fact that you can go to a variety of stores and restaurants without a second thought on the downside, the noise and congestion is a real bummer, if you live in the country the quiet and isolation can be great get in order to visit family or go shopping you need to travel great distances to get anything done. Well, that got us thinking across this great big planet we all live on where exactly is the safest place to be? As we’ll show you the answer to that isn’t as easy as you might think it turns out that depending on a variety of factors the safest place can move around quite a bit.