A record of 22 women are now of use to the American Senate

The number of women at present to the American Senate reached a new record of 22 on Wednesday.

The democratic senator Tina Smith du Minnesota was sworn at noon after the resignation of Al Franken in the middle of assertions according to which it would have affected( the women in a inappropriate way.

There are at present 17 democratic women and 5 republican women to the Senate. The previous summit was last January fixed, when the number of women passed from 20 to 21.

It is according to an analysis of CNN the figures of Brooking Institution and the Rutgers University Center for American Women and Politics.
“Although I have never anticipated this moment”, declared Smith last month when the governor Mark Dayton announced its appointment, “I am resolved to do everything in my power to advance Minnesota …., I am filled with optimism for Minnesota.”
The democratic senator Doug Jones, who overcame the republican Roy Moore in a violent anger in Alabama last month, swears on Wednesday by vice-president Mike Pence.
Four States РCalifornia, New Hampshire, Washington and, maintaining, Minnesota Рhave sitting women as current senators. According to the American University center for American Women and Politics.

The Senate counted two members or less who were women until 1993. The number of women to the Chamber increased tenfold since then, reaching possibly two figures in 2001.

According to the American University center for the women and the politics of the University Rutgers, there are 106 women in the whole of the Congress, that is a little less than 20 % of 535 seats to the Chamber and to the Senate.

The world average of seats occupied by the women in the parliaments of the world in 2017 was 24 %, according to the data of the World Bank.

The United States are situated on the 102nd place in the representation of the women among nations followed by the World Bank – lower than countries as China, Iraq and Pakistan. Rwanda and Bolivia are the only countries with legislative majority.

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