The 8 hair trends that will mark in 2018

Lengths XXL or contrario, ultra-short. 100% wet materials or headgear inflated to block. Sewing or totally regressive accessories. Zoom on those style effects that have shaken the beauty scene on the catwalks of Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2018.

XXL lengths

Already noticed on the fall-winter 2017-2018 podiums, the trend of extra-long hair is confirmed on the shows spring-summer 2018. But in an even more extreme version, since they are deployed to the pool

The tomboy cup

On the other hand, the short, pixie cut style, marks a strong comeback this season, led by the shows Tom Ford, Moschino or Balenciaga. In trompe-l’oeil by bringing the lengths forward, or under the scissors of the hairstylists, the boyish look is part of the beauty statements.

Wet hair

If it were necessary to retain only one, it would be this one. From slight misting to lengths or a 100% wet look in all-over, one thing is certain: the wet look has never been so popular! It only remains to choose between the two options seen on shows: plated and gominée for ultra-luxury rendering or destructured and anarchist for a grunge spirit.


The headband, in its simplest version, is one of the highlights of next summer. The right option? Black or plain white, to stick to its sporty cachet attributed by the hairstylists of the shows.

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