The 8 hair trends that will mark in 2018


3,000-watt spirit with over-rushing ripples, wild manes and spring-loaded curls that definitely make the show, catwalks to the city.

The bar

Among the flagship accessories of the season, the bar is needed (and multiplies) on all heads, from the most minimalist to the most couture.

Encapsulated ponytail

The good idea of hairdressers backstage shows? Upgrading the low ponytail of a sensational accessory. This gives: lengths coiled in a net, in a Plexiglas tube or in a branded scarf. So edgy, so chic!

Swept wicks

The wet trend rises a notch, with strands of hair that come nonchalantly to the face of the tops, as if coming out of a dive into the water. Or when the grunge spirit dictates the codes of the summer.

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