9. From now on, no need to call the plumber when your toilet is clogged.

Alas, we all face from time to time the plague of clogged toilets. But must we always call a plumber? No, because the solution is at hand. Pour a good amount of detergent into the toilet, let stand for 20 minutes and then gently pour a bucket of hot water to drain the cap. The detergent is denser than water, so it flows through the bottom and directly attacks the cap.

10. Gasoline stains on the floor? Take out the bottle of detergent.

You have fiddled with diesel by tinkering in the garage and you end up now with a soil stained with gasoline? All you have to do is spray some detergent on the stains and scrub with a nonmetallic brush.

11. Make soap bubbles!

The perfect activity for children is, of course, to blow soap bubbles. Let’s be honest, who does not like it? Unfortunately, the bottles are empty quickly and an accident of flipped bottle playing quickly arrived. Do not panic, just mix some detergent with water in the bottle, screw on the cap and shake, and you’re ready to blow!

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