Couple Turned Away at Statue of Liberty for ‘Abolish ICE’ shirts

The couple was Turned away from the Statue of Liberty for wearing t-shirts that said ‘Abolish ICE’ .

The couple want inspired by a desire to raise attention to the contradiction between what the statue symbolizes and our current immigration policy”.

Tiffany Huang & Sam Lewin bought tickets to visit the statue in June after seeing the impact of Trump’s family separation policy, they decided to mark their july visit by wearing homemade shirts that said ‘Abolish ICE’.

Thousands of people visit the statue of liberty every day, We wanted people to think about what it stands for in te current era.

Security would not let them on the tour because of their shirts even though Huang and Lewin said they were not planning to engage in ‘any other sort of action’.

The statue of liberty has become a site to protest, the trump administration’s immigration policies, On July 4, therese Patricia Okoumou scaled the statue and refused to leave until ‘all the children have been released’.


We certainly agree with the statement that Okoumou gave at her press conference, in which she said,

 “Trump’s draconian zero tolerance policy on immigration has to go. In a democracy, we do not pot children in cages, period”.

The couple contacted the NYCLU after the incident and, in August, were able to successfully tour the statue while wearing their shirts.

said, ” We sincerely appreciate the NYCLU’s support in arranging our trip back to the statue and in addressing this obvious free speech issue with the National Park Service. The return trip went smoothly, and we are grateful that future visitors will be able to exercise their Firs Amendment rights in confronting the trump administration’s horrific treatment of immigrants and refugees”.

The National Park Service said the incident ‘never should have happened’ but that it had been unable to identify the employees responsible for the decision.